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  • Christmas Post
    Sprinkles of Love

    The love of our family and friends swell like the snow during Christmas, every swirl surrounding us like magical blessings of the season. This is a time to find your way ho

  • Deepavali Post
    A Tale of Myth and Majesty

    The peacock takes the centre stage of Hindu mythology, as a symbol of beauty, knowledge and good luck. This elegant bird is associated with the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi, a

  • raya-catalog-2018for-web_fa-1
    Welcoming A New Tradition

    With its elegant, symmetrical designs, the archway of Islamic architecture is an invitation of faith. They become even more significant during Hari Raya...

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    Blessing of Good Fortune

    This year, Giftseries vibrant range of gift hampers serves a range of consumers...

  • News 3
    Gifting With Style

    It could be a gift from one childhood friend to another, or a son to his parents, to create bonds,

  • News 2
    Sweets From The Middle East

    Set aside the plain ice cream and basic sponge cake and head for the rich and traditional Middle Eastern