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CNY 2019

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  • raya-catalog-2018for-web_fa-1
    Welcoming A New Tradition

    With its elegant, symmetrical designs, the archway of Islamic architecture is an invitation of faith. They become even more significant during Hari Raya...

    Story Of Royal Beginnings

    In the Forbidden City, there is a world of opulence and beauty. Beyond the walls, it is home to the Emperor and his court, whose rich stories have created history and spark

  • Christmas Post
    Sprinkles of Love

    The love of our family and friends swell like the snow during Christmas, every swirl surrounding us like magical blessings of the season. This is a time to find your way ho

  • Deepavali Post
    A Tale of Myth and Majesty

    The peacock takes the centre stage of Hindu mythology, as a symbol of beauty, knowledge and good luck. This elegant bird is associated with the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi, a

  • News 3
    Gifting With Style

    It could be a gift from one childhood friend to another, or a son to his parents, to create bonds,

  • News 2
    Sweets From The Middle East

    Set aside the plain ice cream and basic sponge cake and head for the rich and traditional Middle Eastern