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  • May Sparkling Fruit Juice Pomegranate 750ml
  • Alfredo Dark Chocolate Hazelnut 228g
  • Alfredo Tin Yogurt Almond White with Strawberry Powder 70g
  • Ceres Organics Brown Rice Bites Original 100g
  • Smuckers Sugar Free Strawberry Jam 12.75oz
  • Mum’s Bake Choco Chips Cookies With Oats 150g
  • Bueno Recipe Butter Cookies 100g
  • Red Velvet Cookies 200g
  • Marshmallow in Canister 80g
  • Candy Cane 5 pcs in Canister
  • Thermos flask Glass 1 pc
  • Rattan Basket
  • Decorations & Packaging
  • Gift Card & Delivery
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