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Seasonal Classics


The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12yo 700ml

Godiva Chocolate Biscuits 23pcs

Harrods Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 125g

Harrods Orange Blossom Honey 375g

Crabtree & Evelyn White Chocolate & Raspberry Crunch Biscuit 200g

Crabtree & Evelyn All Butter Almond & Vanilla 200g

Patchi Chocolates Assortment 250g

Fidani Supreme Chocolate Assortment 210g

D’gateaux Chocolate Fruit Cake 350g

Henry Lambertz Exquisit Biscuits Assortment 200g

Campbells Gold Collection Shortbread 150gm

Earth Puff Natural Popcorn Fresh Butter 80g

Double Choco Chips Cookies 200g

Peridot Variety Gift Pack filled with : Candy Cane 5 pcs , Dark Chocolate Cookies 30g & Strawberry Cookies 30g

Peridot Musical Snow Globe 1pc

Godiva Milk Hazelnut Praliné 12pcs

Brown Cushion Leather Chest

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