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  • Wombat Hills Shiraz 750ml
  • Alfredo Royale Chocolate Assortments 240g
  • Grandma Wild’s Luxury Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies 150g
  • Post Great Grains Cereal Coconut Almond Crunch 453g
  • Cookie Tree Almond Toast 100g
  • Red Velvet Cookies 200g
  • Rock Chocolate in Tin 100g
  • Candy Cane in Canister 150g
  • Christmas Snow Greeting Porcelain Frame 1pc
  • Cottage Style Mesh Wired Basket
  • Decorations & Packaging
  • Greeting & Delivery


  • Wombat Hill Classic Reserve Shiraz 750ml
  • With
  • Sunich Blue Curacao Syrup 780ml
  • Pyrex Glass Tumbler w/ Infuser 1pc
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