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  • Dimes Moments Squeezed Orange Juice 700ml
  • Vitabella Organic Strawberry Cereal 300g
  • Heath & Heather Organic Echinacea & Cranberry Tea 40g
  • Campbell’s All Butter Gold Collection Shortbread 150g
  • Sincero Tiramisu Dark Chocolate with Almond Nut 150g
  • Chef Panettone Milano Fruit Cake 100g
  • Cookie Tree Apple Cinnamon Cookies 120g
  • Peanut Delight in Christmas Tin 100g
  • Christmas Variety Pack in Tin:-
  • Marshmallow 100g
  • Rock Chocolate 100g
  • PU Leather Gift Box
  • Decorations & Packaging
  • Greeting Card & Delivery


  • Dimes Moments Squeezed Orange Juice 700ml


  • Wombat Hills Classic Reserve Merlot 750ml
  • Peridot Chocolate Hazelnut in Canister 150g
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