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• Whittard of Chelsea Classic All Butter Shortbread 150g
• Whittard of Chelsea Luxury White Hot Chocolate 120g
• Whittard of Chelsea Earl Grey Black Tea 50g
• Premium Dried Fruits & Nuts 450g
• Hacizade Turkish Delight Mix Fruits & Coconut 454g
• Shloer Sparkling White Grape & Apple Juice 750ml
• Smuckers Orange Marmalade Preserves 340g
• Peanut Delights in Gift Box 200g
• Traditional Pineapple Tarts 200g
• Traditional Royale Cappuccino Cookies 200g
• Cocoa Butter Cookies in Canister 100g
• Peridot Wild Flower Honey 227g
• Variety Pack in Marble Design Gift Box:-
– Peridot Hazelnut Chocolate 250g
– Premium Mariami Dates 250g
• Bohemian Design Crystal Fruits Plate 1pc
• Decorations and Packaging
• Greeting Card & Delivery


*Delivery will be made after MCO is lifted

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