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• Whittard Of Chelsea All Butter Shortbread Biscuits 150g

• Whittard Of Chelsea Ginger & Lemon Biscuits 150g

• Whittard Of Chelsea Hot Chocolate Luxury White Chocolate 120g

• Whittard Of Chelsea English Breakfast Tea 50g

• Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate 240g

• Davidoff Fine Aroma Coffee 100g

• Heidi Moments Caramelized Hazelnuts 142g

• Henry Dawson Sparkling White Grape Juice 750ml

• Date Delight Assortments in Gift Box 200g

• Checker’s Truffles Dark Chocolate 100g

• Premium Almond Dates 200g

• Peridot Chocolate Biscuits 150g

• Peridot Hazelnut Chocolate in Canister 100g

• Exclusive Amber Crystal Glass Filled with

I.Premium Dried Apricot 300g

II.Premium Dried Kiwi 20g

• Islamic Motif PU Leather Magazine Basket

• Decorations & Packaging

• Gift Card & Delivery