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• Lorina French Berry 750ml

• Alfredo Sensation Almond Milk 200g

• K. Harrodson Raspberry & Almond Butter Cookies 180g

• GRB Butterscotch Soan Cake 200g

• Baker Street Traditional Methi Khari 200g

• Cookie Tree Pecan Bars 120g

• Bueno Recipe Coco Oats Puffs 60g

• Beryl’s Butter Cookies 70g

• Ceygold Apple Black Tea 25’s

• Smuckers Orange Marmalade Jam 361g

• Traditional Pineapple Tarts 200g

• Traditional Mixed Muruku in Canister 150g

• Porcelain Elephant Sculpture with Jewel 1pc

• Wooden Crate Basket

• Decoration & Packaging

• Gift Card & Delivery

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