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CNY-27 Grazing Platter Set A (6 pax)



Grazing Platter A – RM368 (6pax)

 8 sumptuous dish to bring in the New Year!

Concubine Garden,6 Happiness, Golden Tangerine Phoenix, Spring Happiness,

Empress Dowager Treasures, Imperial Dessert, Sweet & Sour Memories, Royal Ingots

• Concubine Garden

6 Abalones, Braised Mushroom, Blanche Broccoli

• 6 Happiness

6 Pcs Of Pepper Salted King Prawns ( Ming Har )

• Golden Tangerine Phoenix

Roasted Chicken Brined with Tangerine (+/- 1.8kg)

• Spring Happiness

Scrambled Eggs, Crab Meat and Vegetarian Shark’s Fin

• Empress Dowager Treasures

Jicama Cuttle Fish, Sauteed Prawn, Lettuce Wraps

• Imperial Dessert

Osmanthus Jelly ( 2 Medium Koi Fish )

• Sweet & Sour Memories

Crunchy Mango Appetizer

• Royal Ingots



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