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• Martell VSOP Medaillon Cognac 70cl

• Eu Yan Sang 100% American Ginseng Tea 50g

• Eu Yan Sang Razor Clams 425g

• Skylight Braised Baby Abalone 10’s 425g

• Imperial Cuisine Bird Nest 2pcs

• Imperial Cuisine Japanese Dried Scallop 8pcs

• Imperial Cuisine Wild Cordyceps Flower 40g

• Soon Thye Hang Fish Maw & Mushroom Soup 103g

• Traditional Pineapple Tarts 200g

• Oriental Tea Art Puer Tuocha in Oriental Gift Box 120g

• Red Dates & Goji Berries Tea in Canister 70g

• Imperial Clay Porcelain Tea Pot Set of 8pcs

• Prosperous PU Leather Basket

• Decorations & Packaging

• Gift Card & Delivery