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  • Johnnie Walker Black Label 750ml
  • Soon Thye Hang Braised Abalone with Superior Sauce 425g
  • Soon Thye Hang Snow Jelly Fungus and Lily Pulp Soup 70g
  • Eu Yan Sang Superior Herbal Soup 80g
  • Eu Yan Sang Razor Clams 425g
  • Yu Bao Xuan Essence of Chicken with Ginseng & Cordyceps 3x 70g
  • Imperial Cuisine White Flower Mushroom 100g
  • Bueno Recipe Pineapple Tarts 200g
  • Yee Hup Maltose Crips Pastry in Silk Pouch 100g
  • Traditional Golden Coconut Cookies 200g
  • Oriental Tea Art Yunnan Puer Tuocha in Tin 200g
  • Peanut Delights in Canister 150g
  • 8 Horse Porcelain Plate with Wooden Stand 1pc
  • Golden Wooden Chest Box
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  • Gift Card & Delivery