Peony Facts

  • Peony is flowering plant that belongs to the peony family. There are around 40 species of peony that originate from Asia, Europe and North America. Peony prefers areas with colder climate (it does not bloom in regions with tropical climate) and requires fertile, moist, well-drained soil for the successful growth and development. People cultivate peony in medical and ornamental purposes. Thanks to its large, beautifully colored flowers, peony is also frequently used for the preparation of various floral arrangements.


Interesting Peony Facts :

  • Peony grows either as herbaceous plant or as semi-woody shrub (tree-like plant). It can reach 1.6 to 9.8 feet in height, depending on the species.
  • Peony has compound leaves that consist of 2 to 9 leaflets. Leaves are green colored and alternately arranged on the stem.
  • Peony is best known by its large flowers with numerous petals. Flowers can reach up to 10 inches in diameter. They are bowl-shaped and available in all colors except blue. The most popular varieties of peony are burgundy, pink, white and yellow colored. Peony produces flowers with both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).
  • Peony blooms from late spring to early summer. Flower buds produce large quantities of nectar which attracts ants. They (ants) play role in opening of the flower buds and provide protection against harmful insects. Flowers emit subtle, sweet fragrance which attracts wasps and flies, main pollinators of these plants. Peony is also able to perform self-pollination.
  • Fruit of peony is dry follicle filled with seed. Ripe fruit splits to release seed.
  • Peony propagates via root division, grafting, cuttings and seed.
  • Partially cooked and sweetened petals of peony are consumed as dessert in China. Fresh petals can be consumed in the form of salad or used as garnish for lemonade.
  • Peony signifies romance, elegance, honor, wealth and abundance in the language of flowers.
  • Peony is one of the most popular flowers used for the preparation of wedding bouquets. It is also official flower for 12th wedding anniversary.
  • Peony is symbol of peace, stability, luck and wealth in China. It is very popular in Chinese art. Peony paintings are frequently used to decorate homes and offices due to widespread belief that peony can ensure good luck and successful business.
  • Peony is perennial plant that can survive up to 100 years when it is cultivated under optimal conditions. Vase life of peony is only 5 days.
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