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• Sensaciones (Chile) Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 750ml
• Eu Yan Sang Razor Clams 425g
• Eu Yan Sang Mind Calming Herbal Soup 105g
• Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest and Fungus 2 x 170ml
• Imperial Cuisine White Flower Mushroom 100g
• Imperial Cuisine Snow Fungus 100g
• Traditional Pineapple Tarts 200g
• Blueberry Butter Cookies in Canister 80g
• Oriental Tea Art Tie Guan Yin in Tin 100g
• Auspicious Oriental Lacquer Folding Screen 1pc
• Prosperous PU Leather Chest Box
• Decorations & Packaging
• Gift Card & Delivery