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DP 04

𝗗𝗣 𝟬𝟰


The Glow of Love


β€’ Solar Carmenere (Chile) 750ml
β€’ Marks & Spencer Dutch
Chocolate Shortcake 150g
β€’ Davidoff CafΓ© Rich Aroma 8 Sachets
β€’ Peridot Wild Flower Honey 227g
β€’ Bahlsen Waffeletten Cookies 100g
β€’ Traditional Mixed Muruku 200g
β€’ Smucker’s Strawberry Preserve 361g
β€’ Alfredo Golden Selection Chocolate 128g
β€’ Peanut Delights in Canister 150g
β€’ Hand Blown Glass Seashell 1pc
β€’ Multicolor Jewel Basket
β€’ Decorations & Packaging
β€’ Greeting Card & Delivery